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Program synthesis is possibly a way to future software development – thanks to its automation and guarantee of …

Parsing is possibly one of the most successful area that perfectly integrating theory and practice: parsing techniques are founded on …

Recent Publications

Reducing unnecessary conflicts by introducing a novel quality function of matchings.


  • ThuThesis-Starter: A starter template for new users of ThuThesis.
  • logico: A tiny (toy) logical programming language similar to Prolog.
  • Sudoku-BMC: A sudoku solver based upon NuSMV bounded model checker. (course project)
  • LustreAST: A small tool to translate between the Lustre language and its AST representation. (course project)
  • mydb: A simple one-user single-thread database. (course project)
  • LL1-Parser-Gen: An LL(1) parser generator in principle. (Used in the compilation course)

Teaching Assistant

  • 30240382 Principles of Compilation, 2017 Fall
  • 30240243 Operating Systems, 2018 Spring
  • 30240382 Principles of Compilation, 2018 Fall
  • 34100352 Functional Programming, 2019 Spring
  • 44100484 Modeling and Verification of Software Systems I, 2019 Spring
  • 30240382 Principles of Compilation, 2019 Fall (coming soon)