Future of Software Development? Program Synthesis and its Application

Room 6B202, Teaching Building No. 6, Tsinghua University

Program synthesis is possibly a way to future software development – thanks to its automation and guarantee of correctness-by-construction. Although it is a leading research field in programming languages, many people have already benefit from the mechanism, including end users, developers, researches, educators and learners. This talk comprises three parts:

  • a couple of interesting applications of program synthesis, across different subjects,
  • a case study on programming-by-examples, using FlashFill, and
  • a demonstration of sketch-based synthesis, using Rosette.

Here are the links to the demonstration artifacts:

This talk is a given as an advanced lecture in the course Modeling and Verification of Software Systems I, 2019 Spring. The attached video is in Chinese, 1.4 G, downloaded via cloud.tsinghua.